Starting as a small programme under an external stimulus by UNDP project in early 70's, NIC started functioning in 1977. Since then it has grown incrementally and later exponentially as one of India's major S&T organisations, promoting informatics led development. In 1984-85, Government of India decided to extend the NIC services to State Governments, Union Territory Administrations and District administrations in the country. NIC has setup a nation-wide network NICNET over which state-of-the- art services are being provided.

Achievements :

Title Description
Election MIS

NIC Katni always provides complete technical support during various elections, be it Parliamentary, Legislative Assembly and Local Bodies elections. Assembly/Parliamentary General Election is the most complex task faced by the district administration. ICT were used in reducing the complexity of certain process which gives huge reliefs to district administration. The most important of these is the polling party formation. Election commission has strict guidelines to follow, A polling party formation software is implemented and the entire process was computerised successfully, reducing manual work to near to zero. Various other process like poll analysis, candidate information database, counting details were also computerised and entire thing was done successfully using ICT. Live data was transmitted to Doordarshan and other Election websites directly from the counting centre were there was a broadband networking connectivity installed. Election Observers have also appreciated the work done by the DIC.

Flood Information in District Website

The July-2005 flood has caused huge damages to Katni district. The Collector wanted all the information regarding flood relief work made to public. In this regard this website was updated with various information regarding the flood relief work.

Information on Web Site

Update/Upload on district website as required by District Administration.

Connectivity to Post Office, Forest Office

2 Mbps leased line extended to Post Office, Forest Office Katni.