Stone park is cluster of industries working in the field of minerals, Stones park will be on the basis of marbles found in the Slimnabad (Slimnabad.the village was formed by Colonel Saliman in 1832 after taking land from Kohka village, It is situated 25 km from katni Railway station and now salimnabad will become the history of 21st century after the stone park) of katni district this park will be cluster of industries for increasing marble production & export it will be commercial place for immarti stone proposed stone park is 25 km from katni and 69 km jabalpur in hardua khadwal village 120 acres of land had to developed for basic infrastructure for marble cutting & policing industries.

In Katni district, 52 industries has been given mining leased for Dolomite ground marble out of these very soon 25-30 units are to be established in Stone Park. ASID scheme of GOI has approved 3.26 corers mp industries Development Corporation has been appointed as agency to development the infrastructure for Stone Park.

Proposed Layout of Stone Park: