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Roopnath is a pilgrimage place 3 km from Bahoriband there is PANCHLINGI(five lingam) statue of Lord SHIVA and called as Roopnath. It is situated in the corner of Camore mountain, There are three KUNDS (tanks) one above another on a standing stone water is present all the time the lowest one is called called SITA KUND and next above it is known as LAXMAN KUND and the topmost is know for LORD RAM. There is verse painted on big stone that may be of 232B.C. some order like is written in Pali language for following Buddhism. It describes that 2½ years of Ashoka following Buddhism but nothing has been achieved so far. One km from ROOPNATH in Sindursi village four old statues have been removed from mountain this place is known as JOGINI KA STHAN (place of Jogini) it is believed that the statues are linked with king JAINAT or SARVANTH of 6th century.

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By Air

Nearest Airport at Jabalpur District.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station at Katni are Katni Junction, Katni Mudwara and Katni South Railway stations.