Roopnath Dham

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Roopnathdham, the center of archaeological importance and faith –
Water filled in natural pools, Lord Bholenath sitting in the cave, unique natural shade all around and Emperor Ashoka’s inscription in the midst of all this, all this is present in the historical site Roopnathdham in Bahoriband tehsil of the district. The center of archaeological importance and faith of the people, this place itself is full of unique mysteries. There are different discussions about the three pools built one on top of the stones of the hill, the cave built between the huge stones and the inscriptions of Emperor Ashoka. Emperor Ashoka Maurya (Emperor Ashoka) of the mighty Indian Maurya dynasty is said to have stayed at Roopnath near Bahoriband, a small town in the district, till 232 BCE. Many useful inscriptions including his stay in Roopnath Dham and the construction done through him give evidence of his stay even today. Roopnath Dham has a Panchalingi Shiva idol, which is known as Roopnath. It is situated at one end of the Kymore Hills. Sita Kund at the bottom of the hill, Lakshman Kund in the middle and Lord Rama’s Kund at the top. According to the priests of Roopnath Dham, it is believed that Lord Bholenath went from here to Jageshwardham Bandakpur. People from many districts reach Roopnathdham.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Airport at Jabalpur District.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station at Katni are Katni Junction, Katni Mudwara and Katni South Railway stations.