Places of Interest

There are various places to visit in Katni. Some places are of Historical importance.

  • Badera Chaturyug Dham– Caturyug Dham nicely explains the four yugas as per Hindu mythology. The first floor is dedicated to Sat Yuga, the second floor to Treta Yuga, the third one to the Dwapar Yuga and the top floor to the Kal Yuga. The temple is high enough and offers to get view of the village and nearby area.
  • Vijayraghavgarh Fort– Fort is located in Vijayraghavgarh Town (35 kms from Katni). Katni district has a history of glorious past and this beautiful fort is another example of that.In front of the fort is the croweded town of Vijayraghavgarh and on other sides is the lush green jungle. In front of the fort there is a small temple having bright white marble Shivling behind which is located another beautiful Shiva temple.
  • Roopnath Dhaam– Roopnath Dhaam is located at the end of beautiful camore hills which runs all along the road to Roopnath Dham.

                                           It is a three story temple of which the ground floor is dedicated to Lord Shiva-Parvati, the first floor to the Lord Ram-Janaki and the second floor to the Lord Krishna-Radha. Adjacent to the temple are three kunds which are naturaly made on a big rock. These kunds namely Ram kund, Sita kund and Lakshman kund always have clean water flowing through them. There is a huge huge reservior above the hill which is the source of water of these kunds. The outfall of all the kunds has been converted into a big pool but bathing or swimming is prohibited there.

    The other great attraction of the place is the 232 B.C. Ashokan verse engraved on a big stone which is an order written in Pali language to follow Buddhism. While returning do visit the huge Bahoriband Reservoir. A Mukhyamantri Gram Sadak on the left side leads directly to the viewpoint of the reservoir. Roopnath Dham is 5 kms from Bahoriband Town and 40 kms from the Katni.

  • Kamakandla Fort– Kamakandla Fort is less like a fort and more like a temple which is dedicated to lord shiva. There used to be a big Shivling in it which has lost its Lingham and only Yoni is present now. There’s great painting on the ceiling of the temple. Many ancient scriptures are put in the fort. Local people consider it a divine place and call it as TAPASI MATH.
  • Vishnu Varah Temple- Vishnu varah temple is located at Karitalai (Karanpur) in Vijayraghavgarh town of Katni district is a big archaeological site.                                                                  It is an important heritage of Katni and is being protected by Government Tourism department. The Varah,  Kachha (Tortoise) and Machha (Fish) are too good to see. Architecture and Art is must see.