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Rebellion against the British started in the fort of Vijayraghavgarh –
The fort of Raja Saryuprasad, son of Raja Prayagdas of the princely state of Vijayraghavgarh, who played an important role in liberating the country from the shackles of British rule, still tells its story. In the revolution of 1857, this great warrior not only started a rebellion against the British, but he was the first person who shot the British commissioner. The world famous Vijayraghavgarh Fort, where its protective structure, carvings are worth seeing. Its construction, which began in 1826, was completed over several years. The specialty of this fort is that it is very safe from all sides. On two sides it is surrounded by rivers, on the third side a huge mountain is protecting it. The people who reach here, seeing its texture, press their fingers under their teeth. Apart from this, the temple of Raghav ji, the symbol of victory, the carving of Rangmahal, the size of the Raniwas, the artifact of the construction of the fort, the carving of the walls are worth seeing.

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  • Vijayraghavgarh Fort
  • Vijayraghavgarh Fort

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Nearest Airport is at Jabalpur district.

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Nearest Railway Stations are Katni Junction, Katni Mudwara and Katni South Railway station.